10+ how to's - prevent shedding



"Wig shedding is one of the biggest nightmares for a full lace wearers ,and even bigger for us wigmakers ,because we are the one , customers put the blame on. Truly , believe me , I want you to be fully satisfied and provide you best experience possible and I care deeply that wig I make will last you as long as possible . Slight shedding is something absolutely natural and unavoidable , when heavy shedding is unacceptable and in most cases it’s something that doesn’t have to happen. Here you will find my 10+ suggestions , try to follow them as much as you can. "




Never use any conditioner on the root area , oily product will untie the knots.


When washing your wig NEVER pour water on the roots outside the wig , this will push your hair on the inner side of a wig. Always rinse from the inside. Use alcohol and sulfate free products to avoid drying out the hair.



Use only thick comb in the root area. Thin comb teeths may untie the knots. 

Do not brush your wig while it’s wet , because hair may slip out. The best is to let it air dry or if you need to quickly style it after washing , dry the root area with the hair dryer first , so the knots are completely dry , then use a leave in conditioner from the middle to ends to ease brushing ,this will help you avoid unnecessary pulling.
Dyeing your roots will likely occur some shedding , try to not change your wig roots colour . Dyeing hair at least 10cm from the knots won't be as much destructive ,and is a better choice if you decide to change your hair color. However inform your hairstylist to take special care while washing your unit to be extra delicate with knots. The best will be avoiding cap area while rinsing and let it stay dry.
Avoid backcombing hair on the unit. Combing out tangled hair may pull out some of the hair. If you want to give some volume to your hair better choice will be hair rollers or dry shampoo.
We recommend to use knot sealer to seal and protect very delicate knots. Some of our units are made of 70% double knots , which not require any kind of sealer ,but you may use it everywhere where the single knots are .
If your are using bobby pins to secure your own hair always use a wig cap. Bobby pins may hook against the knot and pull some hair.
Avoid sleeping or swimming in your unit but if you decide to do so , ALWAYS make a braid. Wigs that are 100% hand knotted , especially made of single knots , no matter how great quality they are , knots may untie because of uncontrolled rubbing.
When using glue or tape always use a same brand remover.
Bleaching knots weakens the hair , dries it out and break it as a consequence. We do not bleach knots of hair that is naturally level 6 or lighter on a color palette. If the hair is at level 5 or darker , we always use Olaplex to make sure it remain healthy. 
When the hair tangle  , be gentle and patient :) . YES every hair tangles , REMY hair is just like your natural hair - it tangles , especially when it comes to long hair. Slight tangles after whole day of wearing , are absolutely normal even when all hairs are cuticle intact , and are easy to comb out. Zero tangle appears only when the hair is processed and stripped off of it’s cuticles . When non-remy hair tangles - trust me - it’s impossible to comb it out.  


I know it sounds ridiculous that I’m telling you to do a maintenance job on your wig , especially when you pay such amount for it , you expect it to last a lifetime just like that , I got you really. The price is in 90% cost of the hair used in your unit and it needs a special care to make your wig last you years. Knots may and probably will loosen up a bit after not so careful washing and/or even very careful washing , too heavy direct water stream can ruin it . Double knots will stay there forever no matter what , however they are not the most natural looking knots hence they can’t be used on the hairline and parting area. Single knots are most invisible knots but also most fragile at the same time , that’s why you shouldn’t wash it so often. So how can you help your wig. If you haven’t experienced loosening knots great! Go check out our how to wash page here to make sure nothing of that happens. If you noticed some loose knots here is what you should do. You will loose up to 5 grams of hair but don’t panic , it will not be noticeable in the end. 


-check your wig from the insidecarefully in which area knots got loosened up. You will notice small loops.

- remember the area that need to be worked on and put your wig on a canvas head or styrofoam head (unfortunately it’s required but it’s a very useful tool for a wig wearers so you should definitely own one) 

-secure your wig to a wig head with pins , the more pins the better to avoid tension in one specific area , ensure you don’t cut the lace with it. Pin it just in the middle of the lace hole. 

-start your work by pulling around pinch of hairs at a time from roots to middle , repeating it few times before moving to another section. You’ll notice knots tightening up! 

-repeat on every section you noticed loose knots

-if you are done , brush the hair , shedding will occur but don’t worry it looks like a lot of hair but it’s not. 

-great job! I know how much work it costed you but it was worth it and your wig is brand new ready and secure

-please note , me as a producer can’t do anything to avoid that to happen , if the wig is not taken care of in a proper way